Organic Biochar Soil Amendment

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2,000 years ago, farmers in the Amazon Basin invented a simple way to improve their farmland. Through a process called pyrolysis, they turned crop leftovers (like corn stalks) into biochar.

The deep pores of biochar retain water and nutrients, and encourage beneficial microbial growth. In fact, just 1 gram of biochar contains more surface area in its pores than an entire football field—lots of room to store the kinds of things plants love.

Scientists have since discovered that this process also removes CO2 from the carbon cycle. By turning plant material into stabilized carbon, we can store CO2 in soil for thousands of years, helping to reverse the effects of climate change.

Create Your Own Soil Blend: Mix with any potting, garden, or topsoil to instantly improve your soil health. A 20% mix is ideal. This 1lb bag blends well with a 5lb bag of your favorite soil.

Existing Pots and Gardens: You can also add Willow to the base of existing plants. A good rule of thumb is 1-2 cups per plant. As you water, it will slowly work its way into your soil, bringing water and nutrients with it.