Our mission is to harness the power of nature to help fight the climate crisis.

Centuries ago, Indigenous communities of the Amazon Basin invented a multifunctional process to reduce clutter, spruce up their green-spaces, and nurture their environment. Using controlled burning methods, they up-cycled would be plant waste into a high grade soil we now call “biochar”.

Over time, this indigenous innovation created incredibly rich, fertile soils with uncanny abilities to retain water and nutrients compared to other regions in the Amazon. Scientists have since learned that this process also removes excess CO2 from the air. By re-routing organic material from landfills towards a stabilized carbon capturing medium (a.k.a. a carbon sink), we can sustainably relocate CO2 into soil and help reverse climate change.

Willow carries this ancient wisdom to help you support your plants’ vitality so you can water less, grow more, and set future generations up for success.