Our mission is to harness the power of nature to help fight the climate crisis.

Carbon Sinks absorb and store more carbon than they release. They are climate positive, meaning their negative footprint has the capability to reverse the effects of global warming. The Paris Agreement calls for the urgent need to build more carbon sinks, which is why we created Willow.

As scientists discovered the fertile, biochar-based soil ancient farmers had created in the Amazon Basin, they first noted its uncanny ability to retain water and nutrients, and how it promoted the growth of plant-friendly microbes. In fact, multiple studies show that biochar can retain up to 50% more water and increase plant yields by up to 25%.

Climate scientists have since found that biochar acts as a powerful carbon sink. For every pound produced, 3 pounds of CO2 are removed from the carbon cycle.

Your plants (and the planet) deserve this ancient, forgotten technology.

Ancient soils in the Amazon Basin promote healthy growth and act as a carbon sink

Their ancient soils still store their carbon 3,000 years later.