Carbon Negative Soils and Blends

Carefully formulated to conserve water, nurture your plants, and protect the planet


On a mission to craft the perfect soil

We believe that soil health is the key to happy plants and an even healthier planet. That's why we created Willow with all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients designed to conserve water and help your plants thrive.

Works wonders with water.

Built for the over- and under-waterers among us, Willow conserves and retains just the right amount of water.

All-natural, all-purpose, chemical-free.

✔️Biocarbon ✔️Compost ✔️Mycorrhizal Fungi
🚫Peat Moss 🚫Synthetic Fertilizers 🚫Fillers

Grows happier, healthier plants.

Outperforms the ‘big brands’ without compromising on ingredient quality or sustainability.

Absolutely, positively, negative.

Every time you use Willow, you help to reverse climate change. Our production process removes carbon from the atmosphere and feeds it to your plants.